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Diego Spanó


Media Release

Diego Andres Spanó is multi-talented actor, impressionist, clown, mime and musician.
His acclaimed portrayal of Charlie Chaplin has charmed audiences all over the world,
including Argentina, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Morocco, Canada,
and Patagonia. Originally from Buenos Aires, Diego is now based in Europe,
but travels the globe.

Upcoming Engagements

2014 December
Diego is currently touring and performing in The Peoples Republic of China and hopes to be back in London for January 2015.

2013 July, 19th – 21st,
Grand Prairie International Street Performars Festival
Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada

2013 July, 23rd - 26th
City of London Festival
London, England, UK

2013 August 2nd - 26th,
Edinburgh Fringe
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Previous Engagements

2013 July 5th – 14th
Edmonton Street Performers Festival
Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton
Alberta, Canada

2013 June, 28th – 30th,
Glastonbury Rock Festival
Glastonbury, England, UK

2013 June, 22nd – 23rd,
Ashbourne International Streetfest
Ashbourne, England, UK

2013 April
El Sulky Restaurant
Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 July - August
Covent Garden
London, England

2012 August 31st - September 2nd
Shrewsbury International Street Theatre Festival
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

2012 August 22nd - 26th
Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival
Waterville, Co Kerry, Republic Of Ireland